Jean-Paul Karadjian


MAISON Jean-Paul Karadjian, was founded in Beirut, speciallized in High Fashion Accessories and Couture.

Jean-Paul Karadjian's Label begun in mid ninety's by Jean-Paul Karadjian himself, when he began designing Fashion accessories. He opened his atelier in Beirut after a long experience in the market. JPK accessories are manufactures with the variety of Swarovski crystal collection. This trend had progresses among years to become more and more challenging.

Every collection is a combination of harmonious graceful and brillant colors as well as stylish and high metal quality. Overall, the effect is very vivid yet disciplined and considered. The trend for the exotic and fairy tails story in life intesify the direction for new products, and new ideas towards a surprising and strong seek for distinctiveness. Every piece of JPK accessories reflects the heart and the identity of the human touch. It tells the story when colors meet metal with sympathy and intensity.

Over the years, JPK accessories were influenced by the development of the trendy colors of the expert team of Swarovski. The benefit of this development enables JPK accessories to influence a large part of clientele with different ages and styles, which were fascinated by the amazing diversity of shapes and sizes, as well ad the striking luminosity and spectral colors.
Moreover, the quality and the variety of Swarovski crystal impact JPK's production and play a significant part in this production line. Two collections are launched every year, presenting a large selection of accessories.